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Wedding Favors, The More Personalized The Better

Posted by Mark on 4/28/2014
Bridal parties are a blast, but also bring a tinge of horror to those you ask to be in it.

Personalized Souvenirs For A More Intimate Experience

Posted by Mark on 4/20/2014
Certain events and special occasions call for a special kind of preparation. This includes coming up with souvenirs that can be given to all the guests or just to some very important ones. One of the most common problems with souvenir gifts is that the recipients can’t really use it for anything beyond a decorative ornament. And if you really want to make it more memorable not just for you, but also for all of your guests, then you might want to consider handing out personalized souvenirs instead.

Easter Greetings

Posted by Mark on 4/12/2014
Welcome to our blog. We're glad you are here! It is springtime, time for renewal, and a time to do something new (like this blog, or example). And when it comes to spring, our favorite time of year is Easter. With colorful eggs, baskets and plenty of darling children running around in their Sunday-best clothes, among freshly blooming flowers, it is truly a wonderful time of year.